Discover the new Mobility Kit Ripagreen!

new-mobility-kit-ripagreenWe are pleased to announce the release of our new Mobility Kit Ripagreen, a patented ergonomic harness, making work considerably easier, and ensuring comfort to your employees.

Its name come from the back-pack frame, which allow carrying a small bottle of gas, for a complete mobility, weeding even in places hard to get to.
The Mobility Kit Ripagreen is also equipped with a rotating balancer, which facilitate handling ability, and with a Mini Lance, adaptable to all situations.
The main point of this tool is its ergonomics. Everything has been designed so that the support adapts to the employee morphology. It is thus equipped with air cushion located in the small of the back, and with supporting foams, which allows a complete adaptation to each morphology, and so a good posture.
The rotating balancer provides a 180° sweeping, and the Mini Lance is hold by bungee cables, which reduce effort and improve comfort while weeding.
Adjustability is one of the biggest asset of the Mobility Kit Ripagreen, because it can also be used with the Easy Kit, allowing a greater level of autonomy to weed larger places.