Ripagreen at the PWX Seattle

Come meet us at the Public Works Expo in Seattle from the 8 to the 11 of Septembre. A great opportunity for us to present our new products, and to let you discover the advantages of the thermal weeding.

Besides meeting our distribution network, we will try to solve your issues. Thus, we are waiting for you at the booth 2502 !

If you want more information’s about the Public Works Expo, visit the site.

The new Autonomy Kit Ripagreen is out!

After our Mobility Kit, we are pleased to announce the release of our new Autonomy Kit Ripagreen.

This tool is a shelf frame that can be fixed on a machine, to carry a Mini thermal lance along with an automatic hose reel winder of 15 meters gas pipe, allowing a range of more than 30 meters.
Designed for large areas, the Autonomy Kit will be useful to weed squares, sidewalks, or schoolyard.
The Ripagreen Autonomy Kit is available in 3 configurations:

–          The Standard Autonomy Kit, composed of a Mini thermal lance, a shelf frame, and an automatic hose reel winder

–          The Autonomy + Kit, composed of the Mini thermal lance, two shelf frames, and an automatic hose reel winder

–          The Autonomy Duo Kit, composed of two Mini thermal lances, two shelf frames, and two automatic hose reel winder.

The Autonomy Kit can be attached to different vehicles or tricycle.

Discover the new Mobility Kit Ripagreen!

new-mobility-kit-ripagreenWe are pleased to announce the release of our new Mobility Kit Ripagreen, a patented ergonomic harness, making work considerably easier, and ensuring comfort to your employees.

Its name come from the back-pack frame, which allow carrying a small bottle of gas, for a complete mobility, weeding even in places hard to get to.
The Mobility Kit Ripagreen is also equipped with a rotating balancer, which facilitate handling ability, and with a Mini Lance, adaptable to all situations.
The main point of this tool is its ergonomics. Everything has been designed so that the support adapts to the employee morphology. It is thus equipped with air cushion located in the small of the back, and with supporting foams, which allows a complete adaptation to each morphology, and so a good posture.
The rotating balancer provides a 180° sweeping, and the Mini Lance is hold by bungee cables, which reduce effort and improve comfort while weeding.
Adjustability is one of the biggest asset of the Mobility Kit Ripagreen, because it can also be used with the Easy Kit, allowing a greater level of autonomy to weed larger places.

Bennett City in the colorado equips itself with a Ripagreen!

Town-of-Bennet-CO-ripagreenRipagreen was contacted by Town of Bennett, Colorado, USA back in October of 2018.  Members visited Ripagreen’s exhibit at the PWX 2018 show in Kansas City, Missouri, USA and liked what they saw.  A Ripagreen system was purchased and training was scheduled for mid-October 2018.  Training was represented by the local Ripagreen Distributor (Colorado Gulf Packaging & Supply (303) 375-9599) in Denver, Colorado and Ripagreen Sales Manager, Andru Ryniec.

The head of landscaping for the Town of Bennett is Robin Price and along with several other team members were put through a training session on the Ripagreen equipment.  The key to the Ripagreen solution is the High Velocity Heating System.  Using controlled heat, the system thermally “Shocks” the weeds and destroys the cells in the plant without the need or time to completely burn it.  The system can be used in either the “Push” mode or hand-held Thermal Wand for hard-to-reach areas.

After just a few hours, the team was comfortable with the equipment and did a series of de-weeding exercises.  Robin stated that one of the most difficult weeds to control is the Canadian Thistle Weed.  We made sure that we went over some of these plants and Robin sent a picture back of the weed a few days later.  Even this difficult weed was no match for the Ripagreen System!  The Town of Bennett is now starting up again to conduct weed control of their properties and they are very confident the Ripagreen system like last year, will do the job without the use of hazardous chemicals or strenuous manual work.

Ripagreen – NHS Las Vegas trade show.

A new chapter for Ripagreen brand with the official launch in the United States of our innovative weed control solution Ripagreen during NHS Las Vegas trade show. After years of success in Europe, the High Velocity Heating System arrives in the US. Discover this unique solution for the weed control of your cities, cemeteries, parks and gardens on our booth #10367 located in the North Hall building.

Fast, efficient and ergonomics are the most accurate words to describe this new solution. Feel free to discuss with our sales team for your needs in United States, Canada and Mexico.

Discover our innovations at the 2017 Salon des Maires

Ripagreen will present its latest innovation Pavilion 3 Booth C59. To treat faster weeds and cover larger areas, discover the latest news from the specialist of pulsed heat equipment. 2Q--

Thousands of cities have chosen Ripagreen, do not hesitate to discuss with our team at the “Salon des Maires” and test the pulsed heat system. The Ripagreen team will present these solutions to assist you in your bio weeding project.

Innovation awards at Salon Vert 2016

SEFMAT/Ripagreen Company is proud to be awarded in “sustainable development” category at Salon Vert 2016. Salon Vert is the leading trade show in France for gardening and landscaping.

The Ripagreen set and its unique ripagreen-salon-vertsystem of hot air diffuser was highlighted by the jury. This recognizing allows us to stay the key player on the alternative weed control market. Cities and landscapers trust our solution and we would like to thank our clients for their visits and positive feedback on this trade show.


Discover RIPAGREEN pulsed hot air weeding solution on Galabau Trade show in Nuremberg from 2016, September 14th to 17th. We welcome you on our booth 138 in Hall 6.

RIPAGREEN provides an alternative to chemicals treatments for the maintenance of green spaces, gardens and parks.

RIPAGREEN is adapted to many types of fields and has been developed to achieve the best return Consumption/Treated surface.

Come to discover this revolution on the alternative weed control market.

Salon des maires 2016

SMCL2013_LOGO Seul

Discover and test the RIPAGREEN solution at the Salon des Maires 2016, stand F05 Hall 2.2, from 31 May to 2 June 2016 at Porte de Versailles

Town halls and institutions are invited to discover this innovative alternative weed control solution which meets the criteria of the Labbé law.

This law, which deals with energy transition for green growth, prohibits the use of phytosanitary products by the State, local communities and public companies on roads, in green spaces, forests and walkways open to the public from 1st January 2017.

Ripagreen provides an effective, ergonomic solution adaptable to many types of application (roads, green spaces, rockeries, etc.) to meet this new requirement.