The new Autonomy Kit Ripagreen is out!

After our Mobility Kit, we are pleased to announce the release of our new Autonomy Kit Ripagreen.

This tool is a shelf frame that can be fixed on a machine, to carry a Mini thermal lance along with an automatic hose reel winder of 15 meters gas pipe, allowing a range of more than 30 meters.
Designed for large areas, the Autonomy Kit will be useful to weed squares, sidewalks, or schoolyard.
The Ripagreen Autonomy Kit is available in 3 configurations:

–          The Standard Autonomy Kit, composed of a Mini thermal lance, a shelf frame, and an automatic hose reel winder

–          The Autonomy + Kit, composed of the Mini thermal lance, two shelf frames, and an automatic hose reel winder

–          The Autonomy Duo Kit, composed of two Mini thermal lances, two shelf frames, and two automatic hose reel winder.

The Autonomy Kit can be attached to different vehicles or tricycle.