Ripagreen allows you to weed without efforts large areas such as park paths, pavements or car parks.

The Easy and Easy + Kit are the most suitable products for weeding these types of areas. The trolley allows you to move over long distances without any effort. The Easy Kit allows you to use the trolley in push mode, and to weed an area of 40cm, the lance remains mobile to the right and left. The Easy + Kit with the harness allows you to cover a wider area with a 180 degree angle, which is a 2 metre wide range.



Private gardens, steps and cemeteries require mobility and precision.

This is why the MOBILITY Kit is the ideal solution for this type of land. Indeed, it allows us to have a great precision on the areas we want to treat as well as an important mobility because there is no trolley to pull. It therefore allows you to move around easily and precisely.


In steep areas, with many obstacles or with large gaps, it is necessary to be able to move easily and without obstruction.

The MOBILITY Kit is perfect for weeding these types of areas. With a harness that supports the lance and the gas cylinder, you can move around perfectly without a trolley. You can therefore cover a fairly large area quickly.


Some areas are important to cover, so you need to have high autonomy, a lot of comfort and gas.

The AUTONOMY Kit meets these needs perfectly. It consists of a 15 meter gas hose reel winder and a handy, light lance. The Autonomy Kit’s chassis makes it possible to couple several gas cylinders and to be carried in all types of vehicles. This means that you can cover a very large area effortlessly, with gas resources at your disposal.