Bennett City in the colorado equips itself with a Ripagreen!

Town-of-Bennet-CO-ripagreenRipagreen was contacted by Town of Bennett, Colorado, USA back in October of 2018.  Members visited Ripagreen’s exhibit at the PWX 2018 show in Kansas City, Missouri, USA and liked what they saw.  A Ripagreen system was purchased and training was scheduled for mid-October 2018.  Training was represented by the local Ripagreen Distributor (Colorado Gulf Packaging & Supply (303) 375-9599) in Denver, Colorado and Ripagreen Sales Manager, Andru Ryniec.

The head of landscaping for the Town of Bennett is Robin Price and along with several other team members were put through a training session on the Ripagreen equipment.  The key to the Ripagreen solution is the High Velocity Heating System.  Using controlled heat, the system thermally “Shocks” the weeds and destroys the cells in the plant without the need or time to completely burn it.  The system can be used in either the “Push” mode or hand-held Thermal Wand for hard-to-reach areas.

After just a few hours, the team was comfortable with the equipment and did a series of de-weeding exercises.  Robin stated that one of the most difficult weeds to control is the Canadian Thistle Weed.  We made sure that we went over some of these plants and Robin sent a picture back of the weed a few days later.  Even this difficult weed was no match for the Ripagreen System!  The Town of Bennett is now starting up again to conduct weed control of their properties and they are very confident the Ripagreen system like last year, will do the job without the use of hazardous chemicals or strenuous manual work.