Discover the new Mobility Kit Ripagreen!

new-mobility-kit-ripagreenThe NEW Ripagreen Mobility Kit backpack, a patented ergonomic harness, making work considerably easier, and ensuring comfort to your employees.

This custom backpack frame carries a small Propane tank, keeping the operator mobile for “Chemical-Free” de-weeding in even the hardest to reach areas!  A rotating balancer facilitates handling of the Mini-Thermal Lance making it adaptable to most situations.  The air cushions and supports keep the operator comfortable and promote good posture and eliminating fatigue.

A rotating-balancer provides 180 degrees of sweeping motion with the Mini Thermal Lance held by bungee cables, reducing the effort and improve comfort while de-weeding.

Adjustability is one of the biggest assets of the Ripagreen Mobility Kit, because it can also be used with the Easy Kit (mobile cart), allowing a greater level of freedom weed and vegetation control of larger places.