Effective weeding on your own ?

Our Ripagreen research and development teams have studied all the specifications of a person who would like to weed a fairly large area, quickly and above all to be able to do it alone and without effort.

pack easy + ripagreen pour désherber seulSo the best answer to your needs was the EASY+ Pack. First of all, the Easy+ Pack consists of the Easy Pack cart and lance and the ergonomic Ripagreen® harness. This gives you the autonomy of a 13 kg cylinder and the possibility of one-handed work. This means you can cover large areas with unparalleled comfort.

An important point of this pack is that one operator to weed alone goes as fast as two, up to 2 meters wide and almost everywhere. This is because the harness and the swivel arm allow you to rotate 180 degrees without any effort. This multiplies the range and the action area of our lance.

This pack allows you to sweep a large area, quickly, and alone. It is therefore perfectly suited to areas such as driveways, gardens, pavements and pedestrian areas, as well as cemeteries.

Following the presentation of this pack, our teams would like to remind you of the principle of thermal weeding.

Simply exposing a plant to heat that raises its core to 80°C is enough to destroy it. This exposure will destroy the cells inside the leaves. This destruction stops the conversion of light energy into energy for the plant and thus leads to its death.

Depending on the type of plant and soil, heating increases its ability to regrow through the stress developed during the temperature rise and the fertiliser generated by the ashes of too much combustion.

In this way, we anticipate the growth of future weeds in the spring and make the most of the summer period.