Freedom from weeds is now available in the Ripagreen Autonomy Kit!

Following up on the success of the Mobility Kit, Ripagreen is proud to announce the release of the NEW Autonomy Kit for “Chemical-Free” weed and vegetation control!  This, easy to install kit can be fixed to a cart or vehicle and holds a Mini Thermal Lance along with an automatic gas hose reel/winder, allowing a range of more than 98 ft. (30 M)!  Designed for large areas, the Autonomy Kit is useful for de-weeding big properties such as: public squares, sidewalks, schoolyards and parking lots.

The Ripagreen Autonomy Kit is available in 3 configurations:

–          The Standard Autonomy Kit, composed of a Mini Thermal Lance, a shelf frame, and an automatic hose reel/winder

–          The Autonomy + Kit, composed of the Mini Thermal Lance, two shelf frames, and an automatic hose reel/winder

–          The Autonomy Duo Kit, composed of two Mini Thermal lances, two shelf frames, and two automatic hose reel/winders.

The Ripagreen Autonomy Kit can be attached to different vehicles such as panel vans and ATV’s.