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Since the Labbé law came into force on January 1, 2017 in France, local authorities, public establishments and the State have been prohibited from using phytosanitary products for the maintenance of green spaces, forests, promenades and roadways accessible or open to the public.
Alternatives have thus appeared, including thermal weeding.

Thermal weeding, also known as “pyro weeding”, is a technique that consists of killing weeds with a thermal shock. This solution, which is an alternative to phytosanitary products, allows the bursting of the plant cells, which will cause the drying of the plant. Thermal weeding does not burn the plant, but heats it, and thus prevents the affected parts from healing and growing back as quickly.

Ripagreen tools work with 94% ambient air and 6% propane gas. This mixture will create a short and rigid flame, which will allow you to heat the plant. Its fan-shaped combustion nozzle allows treating instantly 40 cm, on any type of surface. A few seconds will be enough above the seedling to create a thermal shock.

Before choosing your Ripagreen kit, it is important to define your weeding needs (working surfaces, types of grounds…). The Ripagreen range is varied enough to adapt to all types of needs.

  • The Easy Kit will be your best ally for urban or complex areas. Adaptable in 2 modes, this tool will be efficient on linear surfaces in push mode, or for more precision in carry mode.
  • The Mobility kit will be ideal for hard-to-reach, cramped or sloping areas. Equipped with a harness, it will give you a 180° radius of action.
  • The Easy + kit is a combo between the Easy kit and the Mobility kit. It will bring you an unequalled versatility whether in urban areas or in more complex zones.
  • The Autonomy kit will be your best ally for larger areas (parks, golf courses…), thanks to its modular frame and its automatic 15 m hose reel, which can be positioned on a motorized vehicle.

Early spring is a good time to weed, because the soil is generally wet, the plant will adhere less, and will therefore be easier to eliminate.
Fall weeding allows you to get rid of weeds that appeared during the summer and to prevent the appearance of winter weeds.

By attacking weeds at the beginning of their growth, they will not multiply during the summer, and your weed control will be more effective. That’s why it’s important to eliminate them during their growth phase.

A 13kg gas cylinder is equivalent to a day’s work (subject to the number of hours worked). The Ripagreen tools have an adjustable power from 45 to 80 kW and an adjustable pressure between 1.5 and 3.5 bar. The gas consumption is 2,9kg/h at 1,5 bar continuously.

The first year, you will need to make about 5 to 6 passes to dry out the plant. The following years, 3 to 4 passages will be enough.

In order to be effective, thermal weeding must not burn the plant but heat it up!
For this, a quick pass will suffice. The fact of heating the plant allows to damage the tissues of the plant, and thus to weaken them.
The different passes on the plant will exhaust it, and it will not have the strength to start again.

Ripagreen hot air weed killers are only compatible with propane gas in 6kg, 13kg or 35kg cylinder.

Ripagreen tools are equipped with a double safety gas regulator, which provides the highest level of safety on this type of tool. The latter constantly monitors the pressure in the gas cylinder and the pressure in the tool. The detection of a defect leads to the automatic cutting of the gas. Moreover, it will automatically detect the pressure in the gas cylinder and will be able to cut the supply if it is not correct. Thus, the device is protected from overheating without any constraint for you or addition of a pressure gauge.

The Ripagreen tools have the ” Click & Start ” ignition system by electric piezo. A second piezo is provided, and is changeable in 30 seconds without tools. This system allows to regulate the consumption, and not to have your device on continuously.

The piezo igniter will need to be changed at around 3000 to 4000 clicks. Note that a piezo rechanger is provided in the handle of your Ripagreen.

Propane does not freeze naturally until extremely low temperatures, below -42 ° C. However, when using RIPAGREEN continuously, and at high flow with a small 5-6 kg gas cylinder, a physical phenomenon occurs. The cylinder may freeze, preventing gas from escaping. The process speeds up more if the bottle is empty, and if the outside temperature is low. It is recommended to provide a second bottle nearby to work for several hours with the Mobility Pack.

By working 1 hour, you can cover around 3000m²

For best effectiveness on weeds, it is recommended to weed during or just after it has rained. You can adapt the power up to 2.5 bar to cope with the wind.


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