How to kill weed with Ripagreen technology?

les packs désherbeurs thermiques à air chaud pulsé de RipagreenThe use of heat to control unwanted plant growth has been around for many years and was certainly in use before the widespread use of inorganic chemicals. A common misconception is that the plant has to be visibly scorched before it will suffer.

The fact is a plant leaf only has to be briefly exposed to a temperature of around 80°C to suffer terminal damage. This exposure to severe heat bursts the cells in the plant leaf. This in turn renders the plant incapable of converting light energy in to chemical energy (Photosynthesis) effectively causing starvation.

Depending the type of weeds and ground, the effect of a complete burn increases the capacity of the weed to grow again and the ashes generated by the over-heating is a perfect fertilizer for the plant.

Based on these results, a rapid thermal shock is the best solution to work faster and to consume the minimum amount of gas.

The unique High Velocity Heating System designed by Ripagreen insures speed, comfort and efficiency for all these thermal weed control operations.

Further thought and research on this subject will reveal this method is most effective on young, fleshy, hungry plants rather than old established woody plants, which may have sufficient amounts of stored energy in their stems and roots to overcome temporary food shortages.

To perform all year round, we suggest adding to your Ripagreen kit one or more complementary “chemicals free” solutions.