désherbeur thermique à air chaud pulsé Ripagreen pack Autonomy dans un parc
désherbeur thermique à air chaud pulsé Ripagreen pack Autonomy dans un parc





The Autonomy Kit features an adjustable support frame to keep the bottle(s) securely in place, an automatic 15m hose reel (49 ft), and a light, easy-to-handle mini lance. With this unit loaded onto your vehicle, your environmentally friendly weeding will know no limits.

Ideal for squares

The thermal lance

The RIPAGREEN® thermal lance has adjustable heating power. It diffuses the heat from a short and rigid flame through its stainless steel nozzle.
It is designed for ergonomic use by a single operator either pushed to cover large areas quickly and effortlessly, or carried to deal with complex or isolated areas.
In “Two-operator” mode, the jobs of controlling the trolley and weeding using the lance are shared between two operators.

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The ‘’Click & Start’’ system means the lance can be instantly turned on using a piezo switch. When the trigger is released, the flow of gas is automatically cut off. No pilot light means that no gas is wasted as you move between weed patches. A spare piezo igniter, which can be switched out in just 30 seconds, with no tools required (thanks to our patented system), is stored in the operating handle so you can work without interruption.

Thanks to its unique shape, the thermal lance’s Venturi tube inhales and propels air at high speed, mixing it with the perfect amount of gas to create a small, controlled flame, which heats the propelled air as it passes through. This provides you with an instant, steady, and constant flow of hot air.

This resistant and ergonomic handle with its “Soft-grip” covering can be positioned anywhere along the lance to suit any user, and folds back automatically after use.

The stainless steel heat diffuser can rotate 360° and blows a steady ray of heat in order to guarantee precise weeding over an area 40 cm in width (16 inches). Its unique manufacturing design and quality materials make it extremely durable and long-lasting.

The operating handle is equipped with a rotating connector to facilitate auto-alignment of the gas hose as you move the lance around. Its angled shape also makes it easier to uncouple the gas hose.

Adjustable heating capacity 45 à 62 kW
Operating pressure 1,5 à 2,5 bars
Overall length 1610 mm
Length of lance tube 1100 mm
Total weight of the lance (excluding hose) 2070 g
Max. noise level < 85 dbA
Energy source Propane gas
Gas consumption 3.06 to 4.1 kg/h
Min/max temperature at 40 cm 250° / 400°

The support frame

The RIPAGREEN® Modular Chassis in the Autonomy Package allows for multiple bottles to be mounted in all types of vehicles. Its automatic hose reel offers a length of 15 meters of pipes to reach the most difficult areas.

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The ultra-rigid structure and the secure straps ensure high safety levels for your weeding unit. When attached to a trolley, golf cart, or electric carrier tricycle, it provides your teams greater range of movement and improved levels of safety.

The sturdy, secure industrial hose reel houses 15m (49 ft) of high-resistance gas piping. Its push-pull system allows you to adjust the length of your hose for the weeding area. With a quick pull, your hose will retract automatically.

The tube framework holds the lance securely in place when you’re not using it for weeding. Quick and easy to handle, this system allows you to carry out spot weeding without wasting time. The tubes are covered with protective foam to protect the delicate parts of the lance.


The double-safety pressure regulator regulates the flow of gas, cutting it off automatically in the event of damage to the high-pressure line. It also controls pressure levels in the gas bottle, in order to protect the lance against overheating. The adjustable power on the regulator enables you to adjust the device to all types of weeding areas in all weather conditions.

This storage area keeps the hose reel in working order. With 2 doors, it also allows you to store your electric vehicle cable, or can act as extra storage space on a standard vehicle.

Its unique design enables units to be linked together, so you can go from 1 to 2 bottles in just a few minutes. With 2 gas bottles loaded into the “Autonomy Kit +”, you’re all set for 2 full days of weeding. The units can be arrange side by side or back to back for greater adjustability.