QUELLE-EST-LA-MEILLEURE-PERIODE-POUR-DESHERBERIn order to be effective, weeding must be carried out during specific periods of the year. Discover our tips for successful weeding.

Best time to weed: when?

To be effective, weeding must be carried out during specific periods, twice a year.
We would do anything to get rid of weeds, but do you know where they come from?
Whether personal or professional, weeding is not about cutting a plant off the surface. It is about doing a deep treatment that will kill the weed at the root.
Indeed, there are good times to control weed growth, which are spring and fall. We will explain why.

What are weeds?

Weeds are plants that grow naturally, depending on the conditions of the ground on which they are found (soil texture, climate…).
There are two types of weeds:
• Perennial plants, which can live for several years.
• Annual plants, on the other hand, will only live for one season and therefore grow much faster.

Why remove weeds in the spring?

By attacking weeds early in the growth cycle, weeds will not multiply during the summer and your weed control will be more effective. That is why it is important to remove them during their growth phase.
Spring is a good time to weed, because the soil is generally wet, the plant will adhere less and is therefore easier to remove.

Why do weed control in the fall?

Fall weeding will get rid of weeds that may have appeared during the summer, and will prevent the appearance of winter weeds.
Moreover, in the fall, weeds will prepare for the arrival of winter, and will therefore be more fragile. Treating them at this time will allow you to leave a clean soil for the winter.

In any case, do not forget to think about the frequency of passage so that your weed control is effective. Indeed, the weeds will tend to grow back during the first few days, which is why you will have to pass over them about 2 to 3 times for a better efficiency.

It is now up to you to choose which weeding method (manual, thermal, mechanical or chemical) you wish to use. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but here we will advise you on thermal weeding.
Thermal weeding is the act of creating a thermal shock on the seedling, which will cause the plant cells to burst, and thus dry out the plant. The fact of heating the plant without burning it, will allow the affected parts not to heal, and do not grow back as quickly.

Two seconds will be enough for your thermal weeding to be effective, which will not cause any damage to the fauna present in the treated area.

Different thermal weeding tools are available, which can be very adapted to your needs. Large surfaces, autonomy, mobility, you will find the thermal weeder that will suit you.